Breastmilk is Love turned into food. It takes someone special to share that love!

Busy moms, stay-at-home moms, and working moms – Hands-Free Breastfeeding is the best option.

This product will give you free time when breastfeeding. You can read, make food, watch videos and look after your baby. They are designed to enjoy the wonderful time of breastfeeding.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, i’m telling you it’s going to be worth it!


Get ready to breastfeed with this 10 helpful  gadgets


Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling – by CuddleBug – Available in 8 Colors – Baby Sling, Baby Wrap Carrier, Nursing Cover – Specialized Baby Slings and Baby Wraps for Infants and Newborn (Grey) (Baby Product)

Your search for the perfect wrap is over!

When you purchase CuddleBug Wrap today, here’s what will happen…

1. A cute brown box from Amazon will arrive at your door, rip it open!

2. Take out your CuddleBug Baby Wrap & admire the totally 100% giftable packaging.

3. Remove the perfectly sized wrap from our beautiful packaging, and you will have in your hands THE highest-rated baby wrap in the UK, Spain, Germany, France, and the USA.

4. Now, marvel at the timeless colors or the elegant print & wonder how on earth something is so soft. In fact, most people compare our wraps to what they imagine baby polar bears feel like. They are correct.

What separates CuddleBug Baby Wraps from the competition?

Our Fabric: All our materials are 100% baby safe, so no need to worry when your little one nurses on it in the night. Our proprietary material is a woven cotton blend & and as soft as it is durable.

Our Stylish Prints & Colors: All our prints & colors are carefully designed and selected based on three simple criteria. Are they timeless? Are they unisex? And are they going to make other moms swoon with jealousy.

Our Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t love the print or color, quality, softness and size, we’ll give you all your money back no questions asked…that’s how confident we are you’ll be happy!

Our Lifetime Guarantee: We’re so confident in the quality of our wraps & swaddles, that we offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If at any time after purchasing your wrap fails you in some way, contact us and we are happy to replace it free of charge!

Order now! CuddleBug: for your Bundle-of-Love – bundled in love!

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Sublime Hands Free Pumping Bra | Patented All-in-One Nursing/Breastfeeding Bra (Beige, Medium) (Apparel)

A must-have piece for any postpartum mama, this all-in-one bra combines the best features of your favorite nursing and hands-free pumping bras. The patented design features a unique dual clip so you can wear the same bra all day (or all night) long! With effortless access for both nursing and hands-free pumping, you can say goodbye to awkward bra-changing sessions in your office, car, or bathroom, and hello to comfortable, convenient, and stress-free pumping and nursing.

Improving upon our original design, we’ve added a thin layer of removable padding to this nursing bra’s outer layer, providing a smoother look under clothing and more coverage overall. We’ve also improved the seams surrounding the flange openings to achieve a more comfortable design that lies flatter against your skin. These improvements, along with some overall fit adjustments and a beautiful, subtle design on the outside layer, mean our pumping and nursing bra looks better and feels better!

Whether you’re getting ready for your day, multitasking at work, or even pumping on your commute, this double pumping bra leaves your hands free for those important tasks. With no wardrobe changes necessary, and no zippers or Velcro to fuss with, you’ll save time – and your sanity. Additionally, the innovative design allows for easy hand massage while pumping, which can help maximize breast milk output.

Pumping at work then picking up at daycare? No problem! The dual-layer design means you can switch effortlessly from pumping to nursing with the simple click of a clip – because hungry babies don’t want to wait for a wardrobe change. The drop-down cups on this nursing bra open fully for breastfeeding, making it easier to get a great latch.

Care Instructions: For best results, hand wash and hang dry; or launder on delicate cycle in a lingerie wash bag.

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Wearable Infinity Nursing Cover for Breast-Feeding Moms by Tykes & Tails – Black & Gray Stripe Pattern. Multi-Use as Scarf, Burp Cloth, Changing Pad, or Blanket (Baby Product)

Tykes and Tails Premium Breastfeeding Cover and Infinity Nursing Cover / Scarf!

Tykes and Tails premium breastfeeding covers / infinity nursing scarf is a fantastic gift for all newborns and moms alike. It not only works as a lovely infinity scarf but a premium nursing cover as well. Feeding time can be full of distractions and noise but this baby cover will allow for infant and mom to comfortably enjoy their time together while baby eats, sleeps, or just relaxes. The nursing cover comes in several colors to accent all of mom’s favorite outfits.

Tykes and Tails premium breastfeeding cover and infinity nursing scarf material are an extremely soft, lightweight, breathable fabric that covers exceptionally well. It won’t be hot during the summer months but still gives mom and baby complete privacy! We have had great feedback from our Tykes and Tails Mothers and have even expanded our Nursing Scarves offerings with even more colors and patterns. We love our products and believe you will too!

Why buy from us?

  • We stand behind our product with a 30 days no questions return policy.
  • All of our items are inspected and packaged right here in the USA by a Proud Texas Owned Company.
  • We are proud of our products and deliver on everything from professional packaging to fast shipping.
  • Our products don’t come in a plastic bag like our competitor’s. We offer ready to gift beautifully boxed packaging.
  • Give a gift that they will love to receive! Buy from us today!

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My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow for Comfortable Posture, Evening Grey (Baby Product)

Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging routines a new mother faces. Many women stop nursing due to trouble with latching, not knowing that proper positioning might make all the difference. A lot of new moms consult with lactation specialists only after becoming exasperated and exhausted, feeling they should instinctively know how to breastfeed their own baby, and not understanding why they’re having trouble. This My Brest Friend pillow is designed to give moms the confidence they need to feel secure and position them for breastfeeding success. My Brest Friend is here to help alleviate some of these stresses and demystify what many new mothers and fathers experience during those first precious months of your newborn baby’s life.

Enjoy The Support You’ve Been Looking For

Discover the solution in the Original Nursing Pillow. After years of thorough research and real-life testing, it is specifically designed to make breastfeeding more comfortable. Its supportive backrest encourages good posture during breastfeeding and prevents neck and shoulder strain, too. Also great at minimizing strain at the elbows and wrists, so you can focus all your attention on your little one.

Innovative Shape Keeps Baby Close

My Brest Friend boasts a unique shape and is the only pillow that fits snuggly against the wearer, eliminating the gap that most crescent-shaped nursing pillows have. This is especially important to facilitate proper latching for consistent feedings. Keep baby safe and sound and held securely in place on our firm and flat pillow throughout the entire nursing session.

Designed Just For You

Keep all your maternity supplies and accessories easily within reach in the super-convenient side pocket. Store extra bottles, nipple cream or even your smartphone to avoid getting up in the middle of nursing and disrupting baby.

Wrap around design provides welcome support to your weary back and sore shoulders. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow surrounds your body for the ideal position for baby. Clever silent-release straps lets you slip away quietly when your newborn nods off and unlatches without waking the babe.

My Brest Friend strives to provide new mothers with the most intuitive and useful maternity products on the market. We are proud to be among the most preferred brands for lactation consultants and mothers alike and keep the comfort of mother and child at the forefront of everything we create.

Popular Positions for Nursing

Football: Mom puts her arm under her baby and supports them using her palm on their back and to support their head. Lay them down on a pillow next to you with their head at the end pointing down toward your feet, then put your arm underneath them and bring them up to your breast with their nose in line with the nipple, holding them similar to the way you would a football. Cradle: Your baby will be on its back horizontally and resting comfortably. If you’re feeding from the left breast, its head will rest in the crook of that same arm. The rest of your arm will be under the baby’s back and you’ll need to make sure that its spine, neck and head are fully supported while its nose is in line with the nipple from which they are feeding. Relax & Snuggle: Mom can lay on her side propped up with pillows behind her and the baby is laid on their side next to her at her breast, using the breastfeeding pillow to keep them in place. Bring your arm over your head to cradle your baby’s head and make sure it is properly placed at your breast as they feed.

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Clip On Book Light Reading Light USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp Eye Care Double As Bookmark Flexible with 4 Level Dimmable for Book eBook Reading in Bed, Kindle, iPad(Black) (Personal Computers)

Specially Designed For You —- Opard Book Light
A Good Partner Of Night Reading.


Brightness: 50 lumen

Mode: 4 Levels

Color temperature: 6500K

Power supply: 250mA Polymer Li-ion Battery (include)

Charging time: 30min

Lasting time: 3-4 hours once fully charged

Indicator Light: Red light on=charging / light off=fully charged
Package Content:

1 * Book Light

1* Magnetic Clip (Detachable)


Opard offers 30-day free money back, 12-month manufacturer warranty and life long technical support for our valued customers. Any inquiry will be responded within 12 hours.

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Reodoeer BamBoo Reading Rest Cook Book Document Stand Holder Bookrest (Office Product)

Made by bamboo. It is durable and wipe-clean-able
It is particularly suitable for reading and can be easily adjusted to 6 angle settings and conveniently folds down flat when not in use.
– Springed pegs allow thick book
– Holder Plate: 13.4″ x 9.5″ x 0.44″ (L x W x T)

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Gro-egg Colour-changing Digital Baby Children Kids Room Night Light Thermometer (Baby Product)

Gro-Egg Thermometer Night Light

1 Year Guarantee included

Please note: UK Plug Click here to buy adaptor for your country

Peace of mind at a glance – The innovative Gro-egg? changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby. As an added bonus it even works well as a gentle night light.

A yellow glow suggests a comfortable temperature for children to sleep in, whilst a blue glow suggests it’s too cold and a red glow suggests it’s too high. The colours act as a reminder for you to cool or heat the room, to modify the baby’s clothing, to use a different tog Grobag Baby Sleep Bag or for non-sleep bag users to alter the level of bedding.

Temperature shown in Celsius
Easy to understand colour coded system indicates room temperature
Digital thermometer with permanent ‘back-lit’ LCD readout
Gentle night light
Instructions and safe sleep guide enclosed
UK plug

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2 PCS Owl LED Plug in Night Light for Kids- Wall Lamp Take Good Care Children Sleep Light Sensor Auto Controlled Nightlights for Baby Nursing (Blue+Pink)

Material: ABS plastic
Dimensions:2.75*2.4*3.14 inches
Weight: 3.5 OZ
Color: Blue,Pink
Product includes
2 x LED Night light(1xBlue and 1xPink)

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Baby Shusher The Soothing Sleep Miracle Collection Pack (Baby Product)

Baby Shusher – Soothing Sleep Miracle Collection Pack. Each of our products has been designed to engage a baby’s natural calming reflex in a safe and loving way, whether shushing, swaddling or sucking. The centerpiece of our collection is the original Baby Shusher, a revolutionary tool for parents that is doctor-tested and approved uses rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy baby. The Baby Shusher features 2 timer options (15 and 30 minutes). A handy adjustable strap is included; making the Baby Shusher so portable you can use it anywhere (while rocking, in crib, in stroller, or even in the car!). The original Baby Shusher is truly a Sleep Miracle! Our collection also features two of our extra-large, 100% cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets. Our swaddles are made of the softest muslin material and showcase some of the most iconic Australian animals, as well as sophisticated graphic elements. Our 100% cotton swaddles combined with the original Baby Shusher make for the perfect partnering. Swaddling and Shushing have proven to be a dynamic pairing for soothing your baby! Finally, we are including two of our Shushies. The Shushie is a BPA free pacifier that engages baby’s natural sucking reflex while promoting the natural development of teeth and gums. Made from 100% hospital grade silicone the Shushie is dishwasher and sterilizer safe.

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