Pregnancy is both a biological and a psychological journey. During the second trimester of pregnancy, you will feel less tired and more eager to prepare your home for your child’s arrival. Take advantage of this state of well-being. Go to the birth preparation classes, look for a pediatrician for the baby and read about breastfeeding.

Your child at 14 weeks

The child’s sex can be visible. At week 14 of pregnancy, the baby’s arms reached almost the final length they will have at birth, and the throat has become much better defined. The red blood cells are formed, the kidneys produce urine that is eliminated in amniotic fluid, a process that lasts until birth. Your baby can now frown, grimace, squint, and also suck his finger. Although it is possible not to feel the child’s movements yet, it is very active. At the end of this week, the baby will be approximately 9 cm from the crest to the saddle and will weigh almost 40 grams, being the size of a peach.

Your body at 14 weeks

In the second trimester of pregnancy, you start to feel energetic again. The breasts are not so sensitive. Nausea seems to have disappeared almost completely. As the uterus grows to make the baby grow, the abdomen is expanding, and sometimes it happens quickly. If you have been pregnant before, your tummy may become visible even earlier. Some pregnant women will already start using maternity clothes while others may still postpone this time by borrowing clothes from their partner or using elastic cords or safety pins to enlarge the pants or skirt. Starting with the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, expect to gain about 1.4-1.8 pounds per month by the time.

The second trimester of pregnancy – you will go to control once every four weeks, as long as you do not have a health problem or complications that require more frequent evaluations.

Find a prenatal exercise class

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to start a regular workout. Prenatal exercise classes are an excellent way to bond with and get support from other pregnant women. Some good options include water exercise, prenatal yoga or Pilates, a walking group, or a dance class designed for pregnant women.