The moment when you have to put your baby to sleep can become a real battle. The kids say the most extravagant apology  not to go to sleep: ” I have to pee, I want to drink water…”

At the moment when the parent is exhausted and need a break, the toddlers seem to be active: they cry, get off the bed, invent strategies to avoid the moment.


5 Parental errors with 5 solutions


1. There is no routine

Routines are fundamental in childhood and in this case much more. Children should sleep at the same time and follow the same rules, whether reading a story or singing a song. It must be a ritual the child desires and enjoys.

2. Sleep of children very late

They should rest between 13 and 15 hours, depending on their age, otherwise, they will be tired, irritated and will make hysteria crises for minor things.

3. Do not hold the baby in his arms to fall asleep

sometimes you have the temptation to sleep the baby in his arms, this is easier, but prevents him from forming a sleep pattern himself. He will become accustomed to worship in your arms and will no longer want to sit in his bed.

4. You must show firmness

sometimes let the child leave the room and fall asleep in front of the TV along with you. You do everything necessary to sleep and not cry. But he will take advantage of this weakness and will know that this way he wins the battle.

5. Loss and loss of patience

What do you do if your baby gets down several times from bed? Sometimes you lose your patience and guys at it. However, psychologists recommend that you persuade him to sit in bed quietly without saying a word. And do this as often as necessary without losing your calm.