Are you wondering if there are any benefits of baby massage if it relaxes just like adults? Well, yes. It is good to know that baby’s message is not done at a particular time. Not before bathing, after or after the first hour of the morning nor before lunch. 

Massage is done when the baby is calm, responsive, ready to experience new sensations. Massage offered to babies is essentially according to families who want to touch with the baby and to provide him with safety, love.

Benefits of massaging babies 

  • Accelerate blood circulation.
  • Relax your baby. In the first phase, massage can lead to agitation, but when the little ones become accustomed and integrate all the sensations that come with the massage, relaxation also occurs.
  • Forms and strengthens the immune system. Relaxation also results in a decrease in stress hormones, which helps the immune system. Newborns have a high level of stress hormones created by a state of agitation that they have because of the environment very different from the intrauterine. They do not understand what happens to them, as the nervous system is not mature enough to process all the information.
  • It brings comfort to the areas with discomfort – most of the time, the abdominal area – but also in the eagle areas, on the nose when it is clogged, or on the gums, when teeth appear.
  • Helps to know the body, very important for babies. By the massage, we communicate the parts of the body and thus begin the awareness of the parts. 

The messages bring communication and relief

  • Mother is a mirror for the baby, during the massage it reflects his condition. Listen to her breathing and groaning, look at her facial expressions. You will get clues that will, in time, help you increase your confidence in you and manage to give them more easily what they need, both physically and emotionally.
  • Helps you communicate, strengthen your confidence. The more they feel better, the more they will feel safer, beloved. 
  • If continuously used, the message may even be the “magic button” in difficult moments. When the baby has a physical or emotional annoyance, it is enough to massage a favorite area, and the problem passes.

Massage made to babies also has social implications

Mothers are examples for babies from the early days. Day by day, the baby gets stimulation accompanied by a particular emotion. Thus the child acquires a specific way of decoding the environmental signals. When living in a beautiful atmosphere, they tend to reproduce, hence the social impact. It is one of the most important benefits of baby massage.

Knowing what that touch is with love, it is essential that he can easily realize if there are other wishes behind a false smile.