Each stage of your baby is thrilling. These moments are exciting, fun, and also essential moments for your baby development.

The first month of your baby will be filled with crying and stillness, but even then he absorbs everything around him and learns to imitate.

Here are the 9 most important moments in your baby life:

  1. Visual contact (6 to 8 weeks) – This is one of the steps you will notice and is an important moment not only because the little one gives you more attention and keeps looking at you, but also because it indicates that his ability to communicate is on the right track. If your baby does not keep an eye out for you until three months after birth, do not panic. He could avoid eye contact when he is tired, or he is unwilling to interact.
  2. Smiles (between 6 and 8 weeks) – When your little one smiles honestly, it means that he answers your smile. It is a sign that many different parts of his brain mature. The smile of your baby indicates that he starts to see at short distances, that he can distinguish the objects around him, giving you his smile instead.
  3. Babble (about 8 weeks) – In the first few weeks, the baby communicates mainly through crying. Starting with eight weeks, various activities begin to take place in the frontal lobe of the temporal brain, which will allow the child to babble. Your baby will be surprised and delighted as you will be.
  4. Murmured (3-4 months) – Approximately around this age, the baby will begin to whisper. Your baby learns that he can respond to the voice of another person using his language. This is the first step toward developing speech skills.
  5. Tap and drag (5 to 7 months) – When a baby starts to get things and understands them, they show their desire and curiosity, and these things are essential for learning. To encourage these things, put the toys on the floor to get them.
  6. Lift ( 9-10 months) – The first sign that the baby is going to do is when he starts to get up. It is time to show stability and strength in the legs.
  7. Gestures ( around 12 months) – From the age of 1, the child’s gestures are an indication that he already understand the language of the people. He starts to give his hands, show his favorite toy, or imitate other gestures. These are unique moments in your baby life.
  8. First words ( about 12 months) – Most babies begin to say their first words around 12 months. When the little one sees an object and tries to pronounce something, his brain connects the objects and the sound. Between 15 to 18 months, children speak from 5 to 50 words. Spend time with them talking or singing.
  9. Play (about 12 months) – The little one will start pretending to play, imitating yourself.


Cherish these moments in your baby life!