When it comes to natural and easy birth, most women are afraid. Moment of birth is the most feared and moving moment at the same time.

From the moment she knows she is pregnant, any future mom hopes for natural birth as quickly and easily as possible with short, painless labor. The good news is that you can have such a birth if you prepare properly before the time of birth and if you implement the following tips.

In the US 67.2%, women have a natural, unmedicated vaginal birth, and the other 32.8% have C-section.

9 Tips for a Natural Easy Birth


1. Exercises

Easy movement during pregnancy is probably one of the best things you can do. I also recommend that you perform Kegel exercises, very good for pelvic muscles, yoga or swimming.

2. Don’t gain too much weight

Usually, labor is more comfortable for women who are not overweight. They have fewer complications and require fewer medical interventions. Exercises, along with a healthy diet, can help you maintain your weight and not over-weight.

3. Breathe correctly

If you are a future mom, you should know that breathing exercises will help you relax during labor. Breaths deeply and allows the muscles of the whole body to relax. The exercise of the right breath will help the body in the process of birth.

4. Use Water

Spend as much time as possible in the water. A shower, bathtub, birth pool or hot compresses – all are tools that can relieve pain, eliminate discomfort, and help relieve tired muscles.

5. Drink water

Your body will need water because labor involves effort, sweat, and loss of fluid. Drinking water will help you hydrate, so try to consume as much as you can.

6. Spend labor at home

When you are home you can walk, you can stay in the bathtub; you can make yourself more comfortable than at the hospital. When the contractions are more than 5 minutes long and last for several hours, then you can go to the hospital. If you’re not dilated enough, do not go to the hospital yet. Doctors even recommend staying at home until you think you can not. Create a relaxing atmosphere at home to help ease your labor pain.

7. Prenatal education- Inform!

The information about pregnancy and labor will prove to be very important in the process of birth. You need to know the signals your body transmits and act as such. The more you are informed, the more you can be prepared at that moment.

8. Do not be hungry!

I know many women who, for fear of having an uncontrolled seat during their birth and labor, were starving. But both birth and labor are “operations” that require a lot of energy. If your body is not well-fed, it will not be able to cope with pain and pressure during childbirth. Specialists recommend meals rich in minerals and vitamins to provide the necessary energy.

9. Support team

It is essential to have someone close and trustworthy near you: your husband, mother, sister, to encourage you, to assist you and to messages you when you need it. They will be next to you and will help you overcome pain, especially if naturally born.