Baby Shower Surprise

Baby showers are a great opportunity for the mother to be to spend some quality time with friends and family, get more familiar with taking care of a baby, have some fun and let’s not forget the cute baby gifts.

In my culture, we don’t have a habit of throwing baby showers. And personally, I’ve only attended one before I got pregnant.

But that didn’t mean I wasn’t dreaming of having one organized for me, especially as I love surprise parties. Time passed, maternity leave came and no surprise baby shower for me. Well, that’s life, it’s not in our culture! (with the proper disappointment feeling).

Well, when you expect it the least, then it hits you. After a shopping session with my friend (60 km from where I and most of my friends live), we went to another friend to have a relaxed dinner with our husbands.



When I got there, first thing I saw was the name of my baby girl in inflated letters. It was the first time I saw it written – it became real. Then my pregnancy brain could not understand how my friends, from different groups, were there and how they knew each other. It took me around 5 minutes to realize it was a surprise baby shower they organized for….me. And surprisingly I managed not to cry as I held it with all my strength. Some teardrops did escape in the corner of my eyes.

It was a lovely evening, I couldn’t have imagine a better way: I didn’t (for once) suspect anything about the organization, my good friends were there, the weather was amazing and we had lots of fun. We played crazy games, shared baby stories, tips and tricks and they even tested my ‘how to take care of a newborn’ skills.

One game we really enjoyed was to imagine how my baby girl will look like based on the photos of my husband and I. 3 teams competed to win the best looking baby award. They had to select which features the baby will inherit from me or from my husband. They all had the same photos, they went for similar features (daddy’s blue eyes, mommy’s lips …) but the outcome were all over the place: from a British male?! actor to a baby girl without eyebrows.

I do hope my girl will not look like that but I do hope she will have dear friends as I do. So ladies if you have a friend that is pregnant, even though it’s not in her culture, do organize a surprise baby shower for her. It a great moment for the mom-to-be and she will definitely not forget it.