Some children take their first steps around 9 months, others to 17 months. Don’t worry if your baby takes a little longer.

During the first year, your baby is busy developing coordination and muscle strength in every part of his body. Your newborn’s legs aren’t nearly strong enough to support him yet, but if you hold him upright under his arms, he’ll dangle his legs down and push against a hard surface with his feet, almost as if he’s walking.


The evolution of Baby First Steps


up to 2 months

Has the reflex to take steps. If he is held in a standing position on a hard surface, the newborn will move his legs as if he were going. The reflex disappears around the age of 2 months.

3 to 4 months

Push in your hands to get up. These movements build the muscles of the body in the upper part, and they are essential for walking.

5 months

It jumps up when held in a standing position. This movement helps to increase the strength of his feet. It is time to check if you have prepared your home for the moment the baby will start to walk (corners, drawers, etc.).

6 to 9 months

Learn to sit! Most children learn to crawl at ages between 7 and 10 months, although some are heading straight for the walk.  Soon, the little one will walk around while holding on to anything around him.

9 to 12 months

Rises upright! With hanging items such as a sofa or a table top. Learn how to let go. It can stand without support – for a few seconds – and it can go as you hold it on your hands. The baby can take the first steps!

A walk into each parent’s heart.


12 to 15 months

The baby is probably walking.  Soon the little one will learn to lean and get up again. 

16 – 18 months

With little help, the baby can step up and down the stairs. Maybe even go back. 

19 – 24 months

It can increase the speed with which it moves. He can hit a ball, carry something in his hands as he goes and makes small jumps.

25 to 30 months

It can walk quickly up and down the stairs while holding on to something. It’s okay with running.

Success demands struggle, devotion, and persistence.

31 – 36 months

Your toddler can jump on the ground and move to the side. By the age of 3, he can go up and down stairs by alternating the legs at every step.

4 years

The child learns to keep the balance and jump in one leg. It can go on stairs without support.

5 years

Now your toddler can do everything he wants: run, jump, etc.