The baby first winter- first Christmas, the first New Year, the first snow and the first cold!

 Parents are afraid to get out with the baby, it’s too cold, and the wind blows too hard. Such worries are normal, but it is good to know that outdoors benefits your child. Walks help your baby to calm down when is crying; the fresh air is good for them and you.

 It’s too cold for the baby

Babies cannot heat themselves and lose heat much faster than adults.

“They also do not have the body fat needed to get warm when it’s cold”, said Kate Puttgen, director of the Pediatric Dermatology Department at the John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, USA

Dressing a newborn for winter – put it in several layers. Dress the child with an extra layer of clothes as you are a dressed parent. Buy clothes from materials that leave the skin to breathe, such as cotton. For any event, put one extra line of clothing in your bag when you go for a walk.

Short walks

Avoid baby walks when is icy or if the wind is strong. Exceptions make small walks when you go to the car seat and back. Dress the baby for a walk with a thick winter jacket, with a hat, gloves, thicker slippers, and above him, in the stroller; you can put a blanket. Walks are short, at most half an hour. Check your child from time to time to notice any signs of discomfort. Is too hot if she is agitated, and the skin is warm. He is cold if he has cold skin, and is agitated.

 “Not for the winter is called the season of illness. Children chill on average 6 to 10 times a year. And this because their immune system is not yet developed and they are exposed to all sorts of viruses, “adds Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician in Seattle, USA.

Hand hygiene

Babies often put their hands in their nose and mouth, so it is essential for them to be clean, which is also right for parents. Wash the baby’s hands with a special lotion for him. It is also good for the parents to do the same, especially after they have changed the diaper before they give food to the little one or when they come out. Helpful are also disinfectant solutions for hands containing a higher amount of alcohol.