You always want to keep an eye of your newborn baby, and this is when baby monitoring intervenes.

You know how important are the first months of your baby life, he needs your full attention. In this time if you grab a little hour of night sleep, you’re fortunate. In your help comes baby monitor.

What a Baby Monitor do and how it works?

We are talking about remote audio or video surveillance devices for babies. The simple systems of this type contain only a microphone transmitter, which must be placed in the baby crib and a receiver with a loudspeaker, which is carried by the parent all over the house. The sophisticated baby monitors contain a video component, besides the audio, and allow the transmission channel to be switched ono less congested frequency, including a reverse communication channel to help calm your baby.

What to consider when choosing a baby monitor?

  • The monitor type: The most important decision you have to make is the type of monitoring: audio or video. There are affordable solutions for both.
  • Transmission type: I recommend a digital model with an encrypted signal. A malicious person can easily intercept an analog, audio or video signal with a simple receiver.
  • Ranges of action: audio monitors have a range of action beyond the video. They have an action range of fewer than 200 meters, enough for an apartment.
  • Signal receipt: The indicator may be optical, beep, or vibration. Optical video lights automatically turn on the screen at the moment and turn in off when nothing happens.
  • Multiple receivers: It’s an option for both parents who want to know what their baby is doing from different rooms.
  • Multiple camcorders.
  • Talkback communication: If you can not move right into the baby room for the console it is using the talkback. You talk to the little one using the microphone included in the receiver.
  • Motion detection: this option is coupled with ECO mode and a signal reception signal, enabling communication between the transmitter and the receiver only when the baby starts moving in the crib.
  • Sound function: similar to the motion detection function, sound detection is triggered when the baby starts crying.
  • Breathing sensor: It detects the stopping of breathing of the baby for a time longer than a particular value set by the manufacturer.
  • Thermometer: a function that measures the temperature in the baby room. This information will help you to adjust the heating system or to detect a door or a window left open.
  • Mobile app: allows multiple people to access the video stream at one time, can store the recorded data of the baby camera.


Best Baby Monitor


Best Baby Monitor 2018 – Owlet Smart Sock 2

Owlet Smart Sock 2 -created to watch over your baby while they sleep. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 tracks your baby heart rate and oxygen level and send this information to a base station via Bluetooth. If something is wrong, the base station is designed to notify you with lights and sounds. You can see in real time the heart rate and oxygen level on your smartphone, using the Owlet app.