If you already give birth or is about to happen, we know you are wondering: when will the baby start to talk, drink and eat solid foods? When do babies pass from a liquid diet to solid foods?

Baby up to 4 months

Eat only breast milk, formula, or a combination of the two.

4 to 6 months

May begin to try solid foods once they show these signs of preparation: It has doubled its weight from birth and weighs at least 13 kilograms. Show interest in your food and maybe even try to get to it.

6 to 8 months

He still needs breast milk or formula, but now he also eats small amounts of solid food and gradually wants more. 

8 – 10 months

It’s time to eat with his hand! He can use his fingers to raise small pieces of food. He starts to get better at eating the spoon. If the baby can sit on his own for a long time, he may be able to join you at the table in a high chair. 

10 to 12 months

Keep the cup and spoon and start feeding alone. Eats a wide variety of foods, including those with different textures. It looks or stretches for food when it is hungry.

12 to 18 months (1-2 years)

Can use a spoon of its own (though not always very good). I can swallow from a cup. Close his mouth, shake his head or use other signs to tell you it’s full.

18 – 24 months

Makes less disaster when eating, but he can play with food when it’s over. Use a spoon and a fork better and better.  He tells whether he is still hungry using words like “more” and “ready” and plays with the plate or pushes it when he can not.

24 to 36 months (2-3 years old)

It feeds and continues to improve other eating abilities. The child is ready to eat more and is happy to choose from what is offered. He is still too young for foods that present a higher risk of choking.