The baby shower is time for the party!

Baby shower has to be one of the loveliest days of a mother to be. It’s a special day where the mother is surrounded by the people close to her, who are excited about the arrival of the little one.

The party can be arranged by the mother, or by her best friends.

Planning a Baby Shower

1. Pick a theme

Choose a fun theme, be adventurous and plan something spectacular that everyone will remember.

Here is a list of a baby girl or boy theme party:

  • Safari theme;
  • Owl theme;
  • Shabby chic;
  • Fashion couture;
  • Little baby bird;
  • Angel baby;
  • Rustic garden;
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star;
  • Bun in the oven;
  • Fit for a princess;
  • Make way for the Jedi;
  • Harry Potter;
  • Camping baby;
  • Little pumpkin;
  • The little prince;
  • Dj baby;
  • Tiny cowboy.

2.Guest list

Ask the mother to be to make a list of names, so you do not leave someone out. Be sure to invite all Mommy’s best friends and family.


They are a “must,” you can print them pink ( for the baby girl) or blue ( for the baby boy). This has to contain the name of the Mommy, the location, date, the theme party and if the mom is registered at a store gift you can put in the invitation, this will be useful for the guest to buy the gifts.


Go with the simple finger food like veggie and organic product plate, yogurt bar, mini pizza’s, tortilla wraps or little sandwiches. No matter what food you decide to serve, make sure there is enough. You don’t want to run out.


Here are some ideas for baby shower game:

  • How many baby items you can name. Each one of the guests receives a paper and a pen, then writes as many things as possible for children (bottles, plates, etc.) in a given time, 2-5 minutes.
  • “Baby trivia” is a little game of general knowledge about newborns. An example of the question: how many diapers does a child use in a year?
  • Guess the item. It’s a perfect game for an open interactive gift. The mom is blindfolded and while she reveals the gifts. She tries to guess what she has received.
  • Each guest must draw on a clothing item panties, bodies, etc.

For every winner of the above games, you have prepared a symbolic gift.


Once the theme was picked, we have to choose the matching decorations. Buy banners, tableware, and balloons to match.


The baby shower registry is the perfect way to give you’re family and friends ideas for gifts.

You can get a personalized baby shower gift. The parents will love the engraved frame, embroidered blankets and sweater sets, and keepsake boxes for their little one.

Enjoy the party!