The biggest enemy of a correct diet it’s all the temptations and challenges we see in any store, on the street or in commercials on television. Also, all these unhealthy foods are not only delicious, but they are, unfortunately, very cheap.

Educate the taste of the baby!

The best strategy parents can apply to educate the child’s tastes from very young ages, always offering healthy options along with the permanent power of the example. 

Each category of food has good, healthy variants and unhealthy variants. The difference lies mainly in the intake of nutrients from the premiums and calories, so-called, empty of the other. The first ones nourish, the others just fat and do wrong or, at best, do not bring any nutritional benefit.

Fats are bad for babies!

Trans fats are one that must be avoided from the small child’s diet. Used to extend the shelf life of foods and to make packed foods a more oily taste, artificially processed fats increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

These artificially produced fats have never been safe for babies, and some recent discoveries have shown that they are indeed not healthy either for children or for adults.

Trans fats are found in candy with chocolate, chocolate, pretzel, fast food, sauces, spreads, sunflower oil, commercial dough, commercial pastry, fried potatoes. 

Carbs not recommended for children!

Unabsorbed carbohydrates are usually found in all processed foods.

Healthy carbs are found in fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and whole grains and others. Unabsorbed carbohydrates assimilate very quickly, they reach the blood, they give a boost of energy, but they are consumed very quickly and lead to a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Carbs not recommended are also commercial fruit juices, white bread, and white flour pastes.