Best Battery-free toys help your baby to develop.

Best Battery-free toys are durable and last for a long time. They don’t make as much noise, like one with batteries. They help develop social interaction. These toys promote creative and imaginative play.

According to the expert such as Prof Goldstein and Harriet castor, here are some ways that playing will make you children happier and healthier:

  • Emotional: through play. children become calmer, less anxious, more joyful and have few fears;
  • Social: play helps children learn empathy and compassion, because they engage with other people’s perspective. It also teaches them to make choices;
  • Physical: children’s fine motor skills are enhanced trough regular play.


Here is a list of my favorite battery-free toys:

  • Blocks: They are great for creativity, but also help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Toy blocks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands. Block play encourages children to make friends and cooperate; they encourage interaction and imagination. The children develop their vocabulary as they learn to describe sizes, shape, and positions.


  • Books: Read, read! Reading with your kid will help them learn basic speech skills, better logical thinking skills enhance concentration.

    Kid books

  • Puzzles: Test the kid ingenuity and knowledge. There are different genres of puzzles, such as crossword, word-search, number or logical. They help with eye-hand coordination, excellent motor skills, shape recognition, memory, and problem-solving.

    Baby puzzle

  • Eco-friendly art supplies: Coloring, painting can teach colors, texture, confidence, and focus. They can feel great satisfaction and accomplishment with art projects which can help with future school work.

    Baby art supplies

  • Legos: They are good for kid’s creativity. Legos increase the ability to visualize the three-dimensional object. The ability to imagine and manipulate spatial information in their head.

    Lego for babies

  • Dolls: Playing with dolls in how to process emotions such as empathy and compassion. Just caring their toy teaches responsibility, it shows them to empathize with those around.