When choosing a carrier, you have to think mainly about the comfort of the baby and be convinced that you will offer the healthiest possible position in that wrap. If you buy an unknowing model, not only is there a risk of giving you money on something ultra-expensive, but instead it expels your baby to the danger of being transported for hours inappropriately.

Ergobaby Organic occupies a well-deserved place.


The Ergobaby carrier is made of harmless materials for the sensitive skin of the child. The Ergobaby has a robust construction, double stitching, and fast fastening system, allowing the mother enough comfort and attachment.

Offers many safety and stabilization elements that guarantee that there is no danger of babies moving from a safe position. 

How to choose the Best Baby Carrier

One of the essential items for the baby’s growth is the baby carrier. This is great because it allows for outdoor walks and constant supervision of the child, determining a healthy way of growth, which also relaxes the parents.

Many specialists think that the little one sleeps better after a walk and after contact with the environment, mainly because the children’s brains are much more stimulated in the circumstances.

To learn how to choose the best baby carrier, it is essential to first look at some selection criteria and opinions about the best carriers, both from the parents ‘experience and from the specialists’ instructions.


There are a variety of models, among which the most typical ones are: sling, wrap, SSC (soft structured carrier), marsupials and carriers.

Baby Sling:

Is practically a strip of material that wraps around the body of the wearer where it will secure itself as an improvised pocket. We recommend it to non-conformist mothers and who are ready to try as much as possible to transport the child. This model is appreciated and popular because it allows for the perfect tension on the back of the baby and helps to support it on the wearer’s balance. Although it requires a period of accommodation, in which the user learns how to secure it correctly, he is easy to carry and comfortable. Baby sling offers three transport positions: on the abdomen, semi-inclined and the hip. Overall, the opinions of the best carrier say that sling is a very healthy transport solution for the little one.


The wrap is an upgraded version of the sling, equivalent to a fixed pattern, but with some additional features. This alternative is ideal for positioning the baby healthier than the mother’s body. The wrap is made of a special material pocket that coats and binds as tightly as possible to the body of the wearer. Later, the baby is placed in the correct position inside. As with a sling, in the wrap, the baby can take the right position, with the legs apart and the knees raised above the basin level supported by the body of the wearer.

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) / Buckle Carrier

The SSC suggests it to the mums who want to wear it back, as it is practically a hardened ergonomic pocket with lining and sponge that attaches with buckles to the user’s body. It’s an improved wrap version, a combination of Mei Tai and the fixed sling. Like most portable models, it can be worn at the back, but this position is not so recommended because the baby needs visual contact with the parent at all times. It is considered a healthy “marsupium” model for hips, legs, and the baby spine. It has the advantage of being easily secured by any user, regardless of experience, and the small one can be easily inserted into the pocket.

Best Baby Carrier 2019:

ErogoBaby Adapt Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier

The product includes a base shaped as a cavity that adapts to the age and weight of the child as it grows to provide support with uniform force distribution. Similarly, the thick, gripping straps in the “X” strap balances the press on the wearer’s shoulders, thus attempting to achieve certain comfort limits when attached. On the waist, a belt provides lumbar support, adjustable so that it fits lightly on the body. The accessory is made of 100% organic cotton, without the risk of causing allergies and quite easy to sanitize. Marsup is suitable for children up to 3, even 4 years old. As a further argument, we mention that babies can be breastfed directly into the marsupials.

Chicco Easy Fit waist bag Ergonomic

If you prefer to head to a cheap, good baby marsh, without too many extra features and options, and with a limited lifespan at the most important time of your baby, we recommend the Chicco Easy Fit. The manufacturer claims that the model can be used from birth thanks to the ergonomic seat that ensures the child’s “baby’s” physiological position, by forming the M-letter between his legs and his shoulder. It is also the position recommended by pediatric and orthopedic doctors to prevent congenital hip dislocation. The model allows the baby to wear both to the parent – when he is tiny, tired or over-stimulated. The straps are padded, so they give you extra comfort.

Chicco Close to You Carrier

One of our proposals goes to a cheap and good Chicco Baby Sweater: the Close to You model is specially designed to meet the needs of the little ones and the expectation of the parents from the first day of life. The product can accompany you until the baby reaches a weight of 15 kg. Perhaps the most significant benefit of the play is represented by the three ways of wearing: facing the parent, in the first months of life, facing outdoors to see the world better after 6 months of age or back to the hiking in the mountains, for example. Thanks to its unique footrest, the child’s ergonomic position are guaranteed for a long time. But the benefits of this choice do not stop there. The materials used are soft and padded, offering a warm and comfortable environment, like the mother’s arms. Inside, there is a detachable backpack that provides a pleasant skin contact and a correct posture.