Sleep is essential for baby health. It has a direct impact on their mental and physical development.

Babies felt the difference between night and day in the womb from the movements or stillness, but now you have to help him to discover. They will use their huger as sleep indication.

A newborn baby requires around 17 hours of sleep per day.

Best Baby Sleep Tips

  1. Set a regular sleeping time: In the first weeks of life, your baby does not know when is day or night. You have to help him, by creating a routine. Set up regular times to go to bed and wake up. This will help anticipate when he need sleep. Regular hours are also important for older children.
  2. The night is for sleep: You have to learn and understand your baby this. Do this by socializing how little you can at night. Save social interaction for the day. Breastfeeding him in lower light.
  3. Daytime sleep: Babies need a lot of rest, get into a routine with this as much as you can.
  4. Routine matters: It is vital to set a good bedtime routine. Every night, set 30 minutes for your routine. You can start with a warm bath, and then put your baby straight to his room. Dress him for bed, and give a cuddle and a kiss before putting them in the crib.
  5. Posture in bed: Always place your baby on their back.
  6. Room temperature: You don’t want to let your baby get to hoot or cold, use a thermometer. The ideal temperature is 16 to 20ºC.
  7. Don’t cover your baby face or head while sleeping.
  8. Use a firm, flat, waterproof mattress.
  9. For the first 6 months place your baby to sleep in a separate crib in the same room as you.


Keep in mind:

  • Your baby needs more or less sleep than average, do not compare with others.
  • Remember always to put your baby on their back to sleep.