Fall is my favorite season. The weather, the activities, the pumpkin spicešŸ§”!

Get out and enjoy the autumn season!

There so many things to do with a baby in the fall, because they are so little, they will not remember what are you doing for them, but is important that you allow them to explore, to talk to them, to play with them.

The Best Fall Bucket List with your Baby

  • Go to pumpkin patch;
  • Bake and decorate fall cookies;
  • Watch a Halloween movie;
  • Play in the leaves;
  • Costume shopping;
  • Read Halloween themed books;
  • Make homemade fall candies;
  • Go to corn maze;
  • Go to pumpkin picking;
  • Make a Halloween craft;
  • Bake an apple pie or pumpkin pie;
  • Make apple cider;
  • Do a Halloween theme photoshoot;
  • Throw a Halloween party.