When you make the list of ” Baby must have” the only item that is not in debate is a baby car seat. Most hospitals do not release newborns until a staff member confirms the presence of the infant chair to carry the baby safely home.

Babies need to be protected in the car with the shell. The safest option for children is to walk backward as far as possible. A mistake that many people make is to return the children too early, an action that in case of an accident can mean the difference between life and death.

What is important in the baby car seat selection?

When you start looking for a baby car seat, you need to look for safety tests. The ADACs made a test in the first of 2018 on 23 different chairs for all sizes and weight. Here are the results for children up to one year:

20 Best Baby Car Seat



If you care for the life of your baby – use a car seat!