I don’t think that the perfect stroller exists, but you can find one that is perfect for you.  There are dozens of types of strollers that are more appealing, from pink and blue to orange and black.

But the most important aspect when you choose a stroller is baby’s safety and comfort. Try to choose the one that is closest to your standards, because you will be the one who will push it most of the time.


Guide for Choosing the Perfect Stoller




Secure and long-lasting

Most parents are concerned with the safety the stroller assures the baby during the time he spends in it. The first things you need to study when you buy a troller are:

  • Frame – be equipped with strong gripping systems so it is stable;
  • The harness – have safety belts with five clamps: shoulder, leg, waist;
  • Strong brakes;
  • The front protection bar – often is metallic and should be worn in a soft fabric so that the baby does not injure himself;
  • Resistant wheels;



These days parents prefer to invest in a stroller that offers them useful accessories for safe and comfortable transport of baby on the road. This way now they will look at the modular systems:

  • 2 in 1 – sports stroller and Landau;
  • 3 in 1 – sports stroller, Landau and car seat;
  • 4 in 1 – sports stroller, Landau, basket car and baby bag.


Good quality materials

The quality of the materials is another important criterion for selecting this accessory. Choose a stroller whose shell, cover and mattress are made of natural materials tested for flammability, no synthetic content, that can damage baby’s health. Also, you must pay attention to the cover material, which must be resistant to cold and heat, wind, rain. UV protection help keep your baby safe during summer walks when the temperatures are high.


To be light and practical

Look for strollers that are easily transportable and maneuverable. A stroller weight must be 5 – 6 kilograms, which can make your work a lot easier when you have to carry it on the stairs while holding your baby.


To be flexible and easy

  • Reversible handles so that you can keep your baby both face to face with you or face to the directions of the road.
  • Shock-damping system on rough terrain for easy, effortless travel and for increased child comfort.
  • The removable front bar – to easily place or lift the baby out of the stroller.
  • Adjustable and pivotable wheels for easy handling in crowded or narrow spaces.


Accessories included

Some are included in the price, others are optional and separated costs. Make sure that the stroller you buy has the minimum essential accessories:

  • Shopping cart;
  • Accessories and diapers bag;
  • Rain cover;
  • Winter and summer cover.