First time Dad –  Congratulations!

These days father are more eager to get more time with the baby. While a mother has a “direct line” with the baby, the father connection with the baby goes through the mother. When a dad wants to build his relationship with the baby, he must remember that it develops within the context of the mother-baby connection.

Here are some little tips for first time Dad:

  • Be there: get one or two weeks off work when your newborn comes home. It will be the best time of your life, and your presence will help your wife.
  • Change diapers: start changing as many diapers as your wife. This way you will spend more time with your baby, and create a real bond time.
  • Housework: do the dishes, laundry, make the bad.
  • Take the night shift: deliver the baby to mom for feeding and return the baby to the crib once the feeding is finished. This way you’ll give Mom some much-needed rest.
  • Banish newborn visitors: friends and family are anxious to meet your baby, but you have to know when to say no. If you and Mom are wiped out or not in the mood for guest, feel free to banish visitors.
  • Listen to her: encourage her to tell you how she’s feeling and what she needs.
  • Baby massage: after bath time, rub your baby, you will fall more and more in love with the baby. It also helps them to chill and sleep more easily.
  • Spend time together: when the baby is sleeping, spend some time together. Watch a movie, eat pizza, and look at each other.