The first trimester of pregnancy: What Do You Feel

When you are pregnant, you can feel happy but also fearful, but also tense, sometimes all at the same time. Even if you’re excited to be pregnant, a baby can mean emotional stress in your life.

It is natural to be anxious about many issues such as your baby’s health, the way you adapt to the role of parent or the financial requirements to raise a child.

You may be wondering how a child’s world will affect the relationship with your partner or what kind of parent you will be.  To cope with all these emotions, remember that what you feel is normal. Take care of yourself and ask for help from your partner or others who love you to understand and help you. If emotional changes become severe or intense, ask for help from your doctor.

Relationship with your partner

Being a mother assumes that you can not dedicate the same time to your partner or other attributions to the couple, so good communication can help you maintain your privacy.

Be honest

Inform your partner that you need support and affection, sometimes without sexual connotations. Identify the possible reasons for stress in your relationship before they become problematic.

Be patient

From time to time misunderstandings and conflicts will be inevitable. Try to see both parts of the problem. For example, if your partner spends more time working, it does not necessarily mean neglecting you. It is possible to do this to ensure a better income for your family.

Provides support

Encourage your partner to identify anxieties and needs. Do the same thing for you. By talking openly and honestly to your feelings, your relationship will be stronger, so you will prepare a home for your child.

Consultations with the gynecologist

On your first visit, your doctor will focus on assessing your overall health status, identifying possible risk factors, and determining your child’s gestational age. The doctor will ask you detailed questions about your medical history, and that’s why you have to be prepared and honest: your answers will help you and your child receive the best medical care. 

After the first visit, the following consultations will be scheduled within 4-6 weeks. During these appointments, talk to your doctor about any concerns about pregnancy, birth. Keep in mind that no question can be of no importance or naivety, and answers will help you get the best care for you and your baby.