Buy Organic Baby Wipes, help the environment for your baby.


This day chemicals are everywhere, in our food, in our product – but when comes to your baby I think you want the best for him.  So non-toxic baby products as much as possible.

Choosing baby wipes for babies can be very difficult. Do you look after price, packaging, advertising, smell?


Find out how to choose the proper napkins for your baby.


Baby wet nappies have been invented to make your life easier. Wipe it off with a damp napkin and your baby is ready!

There are many kinds of wet napkins in stores that you can choose. The towels should have a balanced pH close to that of the skin and contain no alcohol. It is preferable that they are extracted from natural cotton, free from chemicals and nasties.

Do not reuse the napkins after use, throw them directly into the garbage.


How do you know you got the best baby wipe?


If your baby has a healthy, smooth skin, you will know for sure that the wipes are good for him.

On occasion, diaper rash appears, but when you notice redness, irritation, itching, burning, bumps that don’t go away, consult with your pediatrician. 98% of babies suffer from irritation, eczema or sensitive skin problems in their first three years of life. To avoid these problems, you should avoid using wipes that contain chemicals.

I recommend that you try Beaming Baby products. They 100% Bio-degradable cloth material made from totally GM free.


Reasons to choose Beaming Baby Wipes.



  • The wipes contain over 95% organic ingredients.
  • They are soft and gentle on your baby skin.
  • They include 3o more aloe vera than another baby wipes.
  • Heals moisturizes and nourishes sensitive skin.
  • Free from alcohol, paraben and sodium sulfate.
  • Resealable pack.
  • Not just for bottoms, handy for faces and sticky fingers too.

Beaming Baby Organic Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes – Baby Wipes by Beaming Baby