When you are a new parent, every day comes with a unique experience. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or intimidated as you learn to take care of your baby. Newborns seem particularly fragile, which is why parents’ concerns about baby safety are justified. And the newborn’s bath is one of the most stressful experiences for new parents.

When should you first bathe your newborn?

The first bath is after detachment of the umbilical cord. The newborn’s first bath should be done after the umbilical cord detaches, which may take from two weeks to two months. The area around the umbilical cord must be kept clean and dry to avoid infection. Newborns are not dirty and can be wiped with a soft towel and gentle soap in the first few weeks of life.

Use a rack holder

Until the baby can sit in the butt, without help, uses support for the bathtub. Put only a few inches of water in the tub. Wash the baby slowly with your hand. The track holder allows parents to lean the baby without worrying about slipping.

Never leave the baby alone in the bathtub

It takes only a moment for the baby to get his head in the water. Always hold a hand on the child at any time. Never leave a child in the bathtub, even if you withdraw to take a towel or soap. Put everything in hand – towel and baby soap. If you forget something essential for the bathroom, ask your partner to bring or take your baby out of the tub and go together. Avoid distraction while bathing.

Keep the baby’s skin warm and hydrated

Remove the baby from the tub and wrap it in a towel to prevent the loss of body heat when the water begins to cool. Before dressing the baby, use cream to keep the baby’s skin hydrated.

Immediately empty the tub after the bath

To avoid the accidental drowning of a baby, always empty the tub immediately after removing the baby from the water. Even when you focus on the baby, it only takes a few moments of inattention to get lost in the bathroom. And a bath full of water could endanger your baby life.

How many times should you bathe a newborn baby?

Three times a week it’s enough until your baby grows and become more mobile. Washing your baby too much can dry his skin.

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