Only the best sisters get promoted to Auntie! ♥

I’m gonna be an auntie…for the first time! I’m so excited! She will have a baby girl in September (it’s coming soon), counting the days and weeks. Who’s gonna borrow me the guide “How to be a good aunt? Oh… Wait, there is no such guide. I have to work for me a little bit in my new role as an aunt.

Until I realize what I have to do to be a good aunt, I started looking for some clothes and toys for my niece.

Here is my top favorite clothes for her:

Message on the onesie

“Literally obsessed with my Aunt”


baby onesie

“If Mom says No My Aunt will say Yes”



“Mom’s Taken- But my- Aunt is cute and single”


Mom love

“Mom’s Love”


“Straight outta Mommy”

 Top favorite toys for newborn:

Baby toys

“Rainbow rattle”


“Rattle wood toy”


“Monkey love”


I’m so spoiling the little thing like crazy!