The Montessori method from birth until 1 year.

The first year of life is the year when your baby is growing the most. The evolution of the brain, until one year, is remarkable. As the Montessori says, the mind of the baby, absorb the information like a sponge.

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Why should we start even from birth?

Because there are a lot of things, you can do in this steps. The way you talk with the baby and touch him, the way you prepare his room and the house, the way you answer when his trying to communicate with you.

Babies absorb information without discerning each other – they will take what is good, but also what is bad. Therefore you have to create a beautiful environment, to communicate in a nice – in this way the baby will absorb the right information, instead of the bad one.

As Maria Montessori said:in this period, the baby is passive. But without bending he gets impressions and is an active researcher of his world. He himself is looking for impressions.

In her vision, children should be given opportunities for growth and development, experimenting, practicing what they see as learning opportunities at this age is the most effective in their lives.

How do we communicate with our babies

Even they can not respond to us. The babies understand what you’re telling them. This is why you have to talk to him always, and ask questions. Treat your kid with respect, from the beginning.

Here are some ideas that you can approach with your baby:

  1. Ask questions. For example: Do you here the birds? Where is our car?
  2. Show them things. For example: Where is the dog? It’s a cute little dog.
  3. Tell them always what you are doing. For example: Now you going to eat, and then you can play.
  4. Use a rich and complete vocabulary. For example: Use the full name of the animals, plant.
  5. Answer the attempts to communicate with you.
  6. Repeat the sounds they make.
  7. Do the same activity one at a time. For example, You slapped your hand, then wait for him to slap his hands. Reciprocal is valid: when he slapped his hands, wait and then slap yours. In this way, the baby learns to wait in turn in a conversation.
  8. Read books. It’s never too early for this excellent habit.


From the Montessori point of view, the books have to accomplish two important conditions:

  • Expose the reality. For example, the photo of an apple must be a real one, not a drawing.
  • To relate to the interests of the baby age.

The book should be progressively introduced into the baby world:

  • At first, the baby will study books that contain one image/page;
  • Books represent the second step with one word and one image;
  • The third step is booking with one picture and a simple phrase.