Holidays are lovely times to gather with the family and friends. Traveling by car or plane, it is best to get a head start on planning and packing for travel with a baby.


Traveling with Baby – The Essentials



Pack two or three blankets, they are helpful for car seat naps and floor play time.


Pack just enough for travel duration plus a few extra. Once you arrived at the destination, find the nearest department store or pharmacy for additional supplies.

Feeding Supplies

Like diaper and wipes, parents should pack what is needed for travel, plus a few extra meals and snacks (in case of spills, traffic or layovers).

  • Breast pump – Breastfeeding mothers will want to pack their breast pump and nipple creams;
  • Bottles and formula – Bottle feeding parents can save time by packing pre-measured baby formula packets.
  • Cereals – Pre-measured baby cereal into covered containers and add breast milk or formula when ready to serve.
Care Supplies
  • Pacifiers and clips – Pack two or three of the best pacifiers in case one is dropped during the travel.
  • Thermometer – Babies can encounter a whole new world of germs when traveling. Parents should pack a good baby thermometer.
  • Nasal aspirator – This is important for infants.
  • Necessary medications – Parents should pack medicines prescribed by their children’s doctor.
Stroller/Baby Carrier

Compact and lightweight strollers are perfect to save space while traveling or consider packing a baby carrier – saving space and hassle when maneuvering through a new city.


Travel Safety

Travel safety means planning the trip.


Accommodations Safety

When planning to be away from home for any period, parents should take additional precautions to be sure the destination will be a safe environment for their children.

Car Seat

Ensure infant car seats and convertible car seats are correctly installed before a long car trip. If traveling with baby on a plane, children over 40 lbs can use the aircraft seatbelt.

According to A child is best protected when properly restrained in a car safety seat appropriate for the age, weight and height of the child. The car safety seat should have a label that it is FFA-aprroved. Belt-positioning booster seats cannot be used on airplanes, but they can be checked as luggage for use in rental cars and taxis.

Sunscreen or Shades

Parents should protect the baby’s head with a hat and apply safe kid sunscreen or a UV blocking window screen.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers is a safety precaution for properly sitting baby into a car seat, but is essential for families traveling between climates. Layers allow family members to quickly and easily adjust for comfort.

Extra Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are magical. Pack extra sensitive baby wipes for sticky face/finger cleanup, table wipe, and other travel messes.